Darkness Is Not As Bad As It Looks

It is the nature’s natural policy to threaten more when someone fears. Even the mighty lions or giant pythons, have fear of humans. It is our fear, most of the times that gives them the strength to attack us. In every war you fight, you have to defeat the enemy within us, which is hiding in the form of fear, before starting to take down the enemy in front of you.

The most common of the fears is the fear of darkness. It starts in tender age and haunts us till the end. The main factor that helps darkness to conquer us is that we feel comfortable running away from it rather than facing it bravely.

Nyctophobia is extreme anxiety when faced with darkness. Darkness is not as bad as it looks. It is the same good place that we liked and appreciated when we saw it in light. How can it turn into ghastly thing just because you can’t see it in darkness?

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