How to become an organic gardener

miniature gardenIf you are interested in gardening and want to maintain a beautiful home garden then here, then you need to follow some tips to grow and maintain your plants carefully. Whether you believe in using pesticides or not, pests are always going to be a problem when you have a garden to grow. So you need to go for other alternatives, what you can do is use natural means of pest control, namely insects and bugs that will eat the harmful pests that would otherwise have hampered the health of your organic garden.

You can use – natural insect repellents, beneficial insects, trap, pheromone lures and organic insecticides. Some insects that will act, as predators for the harmful pests in your garden, they are the ladybird, the praying mantis and lacewing larvae. Many organic materials make excellent insecticide. They protect the plants without the harmful side effects or add-ons of chemical products. They have an effect on the insects on contact or when the insects consume them. Insects may also be lured into traps. Critters and birds have the potential to cause considerable damage to vegetables.

Consequently, there are several supplies available on the market to trap them or scare them away. Weeds cause your garden to become unhealthy.miniature trees There are weed control supplies available in organic gardening supplies stores, such as organic pre-emergent herbicide and slow release fertilizer.In the rainy season, fungal spores are the causal factor in almost all plant diseases. Organic sulphur and copper products may cure fungi. A root named
weevil removes knapweed very effectively. Soil boosters and fertilizers of a natural origin are used in the organic method of gardening, and are easily available at organic gardening supplies shops everywhere. Tools used for cultivation, the care of lawns and tree care are required in organic gardening. The essential supplies in this regard are the spade, fork, hoe and trowel. A lawnmower is also essential. A bow saw, pruning saw and secatures are required to take care of trees properly. There are many stores exclusively selling organic gardening tools and supplies. You can get organic insect repellents;

Updated: January 3, 2017 — 12:11 am
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