How To Prepare For An Interview

Being prepared in advance is a key step to ensure more successful interview experience. When invited in for an interview, candidates should make sure they understand:

  • The nature of the job for which they are interviewing. Get a job title, the department and any details before going for the interview.
  • Who will be doing the interview? Candidates should get a name and job title so they can ask the receptionist politely for the right person when they arrive.
  • Location, date and time of the appointment. Ask for directions if necessary. Be sure to find out where to park, and bring cash in case the company does not pay for parking.

On a daily basis, candidates should notice how well they listen to others. Practice active listening techniques such as paraphrasing what has been said or probing further by asking additional questions. This way a candidate develops the ability to respond intelligently and stays on point during an interview.

To fine-tune interviewing skills practice with a friend or family member. Base responses to questions on past work experience. Use real life examples to demonstrate knowledge. Get feedback about answers. Even though a recruiter may not ask the exact question, by practicing candidates will improve their ability to respond more easily to questions. Candidates should focus on the accomplishments section of their resume in order to identify good responses to likely questions.

Candidates need not be experts; however, they should have a basic understanding of any company where they plan to interview. Otherwise, how will they know they really want to work there? Brand recognition, company size from a financial and employee population standpoint, and years in business are important factors to understand before making a career move. By understanding what to do before the interview, candidates have a better chance of making that all-important first impression.

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