Scientists Invented a Computer to Reveal Human’s Age

How people, especially women, don’t like to reveal their age. We all know about it. But scientists say that you can’t hide your age now. They say that they have invented a computer which reveals age looking at human’s face.

They developed this age-recognition software at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It estimates age of a person based solely on facial appearance unlike age-guessers who look at person’s body. After all your face is the mirror of your heart as well as your age.

Guessing a human’s age is a huge challenge, we must say, no matter even if is a highly experienced human or highly advanced computer. This is because of the interventions of cosmetics, gender, ethnicity, drug or alcohol consumption, and even exposure to radiations of Sun. The appearance of a person’s body also depends upon his genetic makeup, health, and location and living conditions.

Of course this software was not developed to reveal age of celebrities who always blurt. This software is not handy to people to make you come in front of their computers and reveal your age. So don’t worry. This can mainly help in issues like avoiding selling cigarettes and drinks to underage, revealing ages of some people who apply for fake passports, etc.

The software can estimate ages from 1 to 93 years with accuracy of 50% for age’s estimation within 5 years and 80% for age’s estimation within 10 years.

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