Manufacturing in US Shrinks To 26 Years Low

We are getting to see the impact of economy crisis, slowly in almost all the sectors. Though these results are not as astonishing, they are very disappointing, breaking many year records in adverse way.

I wonder whether most of the firms which drained in this crisis have recovered from this shock or not. The market graphs, of all sectors, which have been habituated to point only towards the sky since three years have suddenly hung down.

The manufacturing in US fell to 26-year low this October. It is the decreased demand that reduced the manufacturing activity and we already know why there is a decrease in demand. Apart from manufacturing all the sectors are facing shrinks.

The decline in newer orders and production and increase of prices are the main factors contributing to the decline in manufacturing.

Along with US, UK is also facing contraction in manufacturing sector. It has fallen to very lower level in September and slightly rose for the October.

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