Buying a New Car

In the coming new-year, I’m planning to buy a new car. As this is the first time I’m buying a car on my own, I was very tense and anxious. I got too many suggestions from my friends, colleagues, and my family on which one to buy and which one is suitable to my personality etc. I myself did some online research on buying a car. I found many useful things that many be useful to you as well.

  • One should do some research and have adequate information about his requirements and necessaries.
  • One should not see car financing through the car dealers instead of securing it on own before that.
  • One needs to check the car before taking the delivery with a test drive. It is better to make your trusted mechanic to have a thorough examination and test drive of the new car.
  • And one should not show any hurry in buying a car. The sales people will anticipate making you buy the car for a high price that what it may deserve.
  • Take your time in deciding the make, model and the budget that you are comfortable with before stepping into a showroom.
  • Do not spend much on the add-ons, which do not add value to your car or that can be added later.

Hope this will help you in buying a new car. All the best.

Updated: March 3, 2011 — 7:50 am
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