Carmakers Seen Desperate About Greenery in Detroit Auto Show

People are not much interested to have a polluting car, these days. They are much concerned about environment and growing green house gases and pollution.

Automakers were seen to have captured these changing trends. In the recent Auto Show 2009 of the Detroit, major auto makers have come up with more green cars to attract consumers.

While many automakers came up with their start-ups on electric cars, there are many others who exhibited their hybrid cars with amazing fuel efficiencies.

Toyota’s third-generation 2010 Prius, was one of such hybrid cars which stole the attention of the show. This car is as efficient in fuel efficiency as it looks. Toyota said that the new Prius will achieve a combined 50 miles per gallon, in EPA highway and city testing. The new Prius has even greater acceleration power, with a capability to accelerate from zero to 60 mph within an astounding 9.5 seconds.

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