How I Decorate My Home?

My home is the best place for me on earth. It was just a house before I occupied it. What makes a house turn to a sweet home is the way we decorateminiature plants our house. And someday when guests arrive and say your home is very sweet, that is the best compliment you receive. However we don’t decorate our home for compliments from guests, but for ourselves. When home is not so impressive, our life doesn’t seem to be impressive too. I decorate my home as it is comfortable to me. I am even ready to bring in a man-eating plant to decorate my house if it looks good to me. But I don’t possess one at present, so don’t bother about that. So don’t ever decorate your homes the way your neighbors or your friends want it. Stick to your own taste to be a happy person. However implementing basics is the most important in decorating homes. Basics like choosing good color combinations, having furniture in apt place, having door mats and good ventilations, etc. And so you will be very proud and happy about your home by following these things.

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