Overcoming Depression without Medicines

Everything was going fine with Tom. His father was one of the richest businessmen in the town. His mother used to provide him everything he wanted. He had many good friends. He had a branded car. He was enjoying life like anything. One day suddenly, he started to avoid the world. He felt sad for no good cause. He was not interested in any thing. Sometimes he felt that he is over anxious on something but doesn’t know how to avoid it. Within few days his handsome face grew thinner, with dark circles around his eyes due to lack of sleep. And one day he disappeared. Nobody ever saw him.

And there is story of a king. He was very successful person in life. But suddenly he started losing all his wars. And one day all his men deserted him and fled away. He sat there feeling down, not knowing about his future. Suddenly he saw a spider crawled up on a wall in spite of falling many times. He motivated himself, built a new army and waged a war again. This time he won it.

These are the two situations how two humans dealt with their depression. It is self motivation that can help anyone to overcome depression. Not even the best of the anti-depressants is as effective as this.

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