Basics for Tennis Beginners

There are many different ways to learn the basics of tennis. You can directly hire some coach or you can get some books to help you. Often there are some online websites provide guides and tutorials. I would like to share some information about tennis for beginners.

Most beginners are overwhelmed with instruction and there are many great websites and videos about technique and strategy. But how many times do you encounter mental aspects of the game so early in the process? Too many coaches and players believe that they first need to build a good technical, tactical and physical foundation before they move on to the mental game.

The basic movements of different types of strokes like service, forehand and backhand are the main things to practice and be come perfect in. foot positioning, service motion and service technique are the things to synchronize and simplify. Make sure when you are serving you have a solid base. Start with your racket back and above your head, tossing the ball and swinging towards the ball, adding more and more power to your swing as you get more comfortable with the motion. Learning tennis on clay court can be hard. Getting position on clay courts is tougher than on other surfaces. Small fast steps across the whole court and sliding to the ball before hitting it can be good thing.

Updated: December 18, 2009 — 3:07 am
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