What is the Importance of Communication Skills in Leadership?

Communication is the exchange of ideas and information from one person to another or among group of persons. Communication skill includes reading, writing and listening. A leader should have the command on all the three things. Communication skill is not only a leadership skill but it works as an ingredient to success.

Leaders inspire and motivate people through well and clear communication. Market leaders sell their products to number of people through clear communication. It is business, politics, organizations whatever the field may be but the best leaders are the best communicators.

Clear communication is not a one way process, it is a two way process which not only includes speaking but also being heard and understood.

Consider the following to develop as a good leader with effective communication.

  • Prepare the topic and plan it carefully before sending the message or meeting a person.
    Be clear what is to be achieved.
  • Confirm whether the other person understands or not.
  • Provide directions to the team members towards the goal.
  • Make decisions based on the vision.
  • Encourage your team members and reward the members who excel.
  • Be an open minded person to take the feedback in a positive way.
  • Lead the team members towards the target.

Clear communication is the most important key to a leader’s success. Communication has potential to strengthen or weaken an organization or company or leadership.

Updated: January 29, 2013 — 3:34 am
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