Small Businesses Helping India in Leading Global Recovery

According to a survey conducted by Regus in 2009, it was expected that India is estimated to lead in the global economic recovery by March 2010. There had been an impressive economic growth in India.

The study revealed that 45% of firms in India experienced increase in profits in 2008 where it was found to be 40% globally. Similarly, an increase in revenues was observed in 49% of Indian companies. However, the percentage increase of revenues globally was found to be 46%. Around 57% of companies in India were expected to increase the revenues by 2010. The study also revealed an estimation of 85% of SMEs in increasing the revenues in 2010 when compared with 72% of large companies.

This clearly states the importance and role of small businesses in India and the active contribution to the economy. So the small businesses can be considered as the growth drivers of the Indian economy. It was suggested that the optimized bottom lines are the key to profitability for small businesses.

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