Internet acts as a Recession Aid for SMEs:

Easynet Connect conducted a survey on UK SMEs, to know how they find Internet, to be their source for bailing them out of recession effects. The finding of this survey can be summarized as below:

  • 65% of UK SMEs see internet as a helping tool to get them out of recession.

42% of the respondents use internet to increase their revenues and market share, while 43% of them believe internet helps in reducing business costs, by deploying remote working (77%), video conferencing(53%) and VoIP(33%).

The report also found that most of SMEs are not really concerned about the hardware technologies and softwares to be used in enhancing their business prospects internet.The findings shows the level of immaturity in the thinking patterns of owners. The findings are:

  • 68% of the SMEs responded said that they would happily cut down costs on hardware expenditure and 28% of them would like to cut the costs of software licences. Out of these 28%, only 17% of them said that they will be installing cheaper or free or older versions of SaaS.
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