Internet proves to be daunting for SMEs:

According to a press release issued by 1&1 Internet Ltd., 46% of the firms with 1 to 5 employees do not have web presence. They still don’t have theirmonitoring service own company’s website. The company veiws, that this condition is seen despite the ease and low cost in getting a site. This is because of the other costs that sprung up after setting up a site.

According to a report based on the research done by Neilsen online, only top 10 brands constitute to 45% of total UK internet, leaving 55% for all the remaining companies.

As per Nominet, there are about 3 million active .uk domains
Wired magazine has said that, on a global basis for every second 2.3 content updates are posted and 9 blogs are created every minute.

The above reports give a clear picture on the increasing competition of websites on the net. So, it can be concluded that having a domain and server is not just sufficient to create online presence. The maintenance of the website and to make it stand above in the competions is also as important as setting up a website. But the costs involved in this process are very high, preventing MSEs from having a site.

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