7 Out of 10 SMBs Plan to Invest in Social Media in the Next 12 Months

According to the Tech aisle research firm, seven out of ten small and medium businesses are planning to invest in social media in the next 12 months. Many of them are unsure of what they will gain by adopting social media. Tech aisle conducted a poll on US small businesses having 1 to 99 employees. About 70% of the respondents want to use social media for their business promotions in the coming year.

About 45% of the respondents are cited that they don’t know how the social media will help their business to grow. In spite having no idea of benefits of adopting social media and the return on investment of this strategy, smaller firms are still going social. Currently 42% of the respondents are using Facebook, Twitter or both for their business and this percentage increases to 55% including Linked In users.

31 percent of the respondents have viewed that creating a Facebook page is an important tactic of making business. Around 34% of the small businesses are using Linked In professional networking site. While around 84% of the respondents indicated that using social media has increased awareness of their business, 86% said that their own website has done the same thing. Only 68% of the SMBs stated that they gain more money from social media when compared to company owned website which accounted for 81%.

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