81% of UK SMEs Say They No Longer Survive Without Internet

As the GDP figures indicate, the UK economy has emerged from recession in Q4 of 2009, UK SMEs are actively searching for options so as to make sure that, they take the best possible advantage of the opportunities, when the upturn comes. This is because of growing awareness of the importance of Internet in businesses. According to a study by EasyConnect, 38% of them are considering investments in IT, as one of the options.

79% of SMEs think that the Internet will help them in the process of economic recovery during upturn. They feel that the Internet makes it easier. 45% feel that the Internet will enable themselves to market online, giving access to new opportunities and customers. 32% think that the Internet will help them in cutting software costs and enabling staff to work remotely. 20% of the firms reported that, they have already expereinced the positive impact of the Internet on their businesses in helping them to cope up with the economic downturn.

In addition to the above reports, on asking the SMEs which are already using Internet, about its importance in their businesses, an overwhelming number of respondents (81%) acknowledge that their business could not cope any longer than a day without it. This is a significant rise when compared to 71% in 2008. Further, 48% said they could survive no longer than one hour without the Internet access, while 29% could survive no longer than 30 minutes.

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