UK SMEs Opt For Teleworking

According to a survey by Behaviour and Attitudes for O2, on 300 SMEs, the number of SME directors teleworking or working from home, has doubled over the last five years. 50% (up by 25% five years ago) of SME directors in Ireland, telework at least one day a month. This has lead to the increased use of mobile broadband and fixed line services.

It was found that, a quarter of SME directors work from home more than four days a month. 23 percent say that the teleworking trend will rise in future. A quarter of SME directors, who are currently not working through mobile broadband are also considering to use it in future.

The reasons quoted for preferring teleworking by the directors are, more work is done in the absence of office interruption (20%), to concentrate on major projects, proposals or reports(15%), to save time in traffic(3%).

Apart from them, the senior executives of SMEs say that teleworking is best in terms of convenience, control, cost effectivity and productivity.

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