SMBs Worldwide Lack Awareness Regarding Cloud Computing

According to a recent survey by Techaisle, there is very low awareness about the cloud computing among the SMEs worldwide. Among the small businesses surveyed across US, Brazil, Germany and Italy, only 37% have heard of it. Among those who have heard about it, 13% did not know what it was all about, 44% consider it as a means to subscribe for services such as servers or storage hosted by a third party and 29% think that it helps in gaining acess to web applications.

Further it was found that, 29% of SMbs using SaaS, have never heard of cloud computing. 26 percent of them have heard it from their channels while only 13 percent have known it from an IT company. 25 percent of small businesses came to know about cloud computing through blogs/forums and social media.

Among the businesses with dedicated channel partners, 48 percent reported that their channels have approached them for some cloud computing offering.

The above scenario shows lack of knowledge among the SMBs, in the situation where cloud computing is being widely used.

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