Month: December 2010

All about Investments

The word investment is itself a scary term for many people. And for some people saving is investing. First of all, the term “investment” is a different notion for different people. And one should be clearer about the difference between saving and investing. Savings will not expect higher returns than the inflation. The things that […]

Training Needs Assessment

A tool utilized to identify what educational courses or activities should be provided to employees to improve their work productivity. Focus should be placed on needs as opposed to desires. Conducting training needs assessment can lead to the following To decide what specific training each employee needs and what will improve his or her job […]

My View on Marketing Consulting Services

To be a successful company, it is important to maintain good relation with the marketing consulting company, which keeps the information up to data of market for the company and has knowledge on various tricks played in trade. Most importantly, the consulting company should be a partner with the company, which the company can trust. […]

Real Estate Investment

Since real estate is not directly traded on a centralized exchange, the physical real estate market is characterized by relative lack of liquidity, large lot size, and high transaction costs with properties that are fixed at a location and heterogeneous. Real estate investment lies in three principal areas: 1) indexing, benchmarking and measurement issues in […]

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