UK SME Survey Report – SMEs are Still in the Downturn

As per the new study conducted this week by, the UK’s entrepreneurs are harshly criticizing the Government’s efforts in encouraging the small businesses.

No Green shoots for UK entrepreneurs

Contrary to the reports regarding recovery and green shoots, the latest survey conducted by UK SME reveals the following facts:

  • More than two-third’s (68%) of the small businesses are still struggling to find work.
  • 43% of the Britain’s small business owners have no hope of better futures for their businesses.
  • Less than half (48%) of firms are hoping to expand their businesses and the ambitions of remaining firms are muted for the rest of the year.

Failure of government in supporting small businesses

Majority of small business owners (83%) think that government is not lending enough help for growth of SMEs. They say that only two-fifths (40%) of the various packages which were announced in the recent budget such as doubling of entrepreneurs relief on capital gains and lower business tax rate, will really help their business and the remaining have not much impact on the business.

Even the banks are also of not much help as two-thirds (60%) of businesses struggled in getting funds from the banks for their growth.

Therefore, the entrepreneurs in UK are very pessimistic about the whole business outlook for 2010 and the reason for this kind of outlook can be attributed to above survey reports.

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