Providing Comfortable Slippers for Guests in Hotel

Now a days it is a trend to provide the pair of slippers along with other things to guests when they stay at hotels. Hotel slippers which are used in hotels have classy look. Guests will get impression of the comfortable hotel slippers, when they leave.

There is a chance of having two problems by providing terry towel slippers. First one is, they need to be changed regularly. And second one is the disposal of these used slippers. Generally if the guests use slippers only for one day, it will have impact on the profit of the hospitality provider.

Provide the slippers with a thicker sole which can be used for wider span of time, for guests who stay for longer time at hotel. A special skid resistant outsole slippers can be provided for attracting at hotels. Different colours and styles of slippers can attract the guests of the hotel.

Slippers at hotel should be chosen according to the convenience and customer specification. You can also provide hotel slippers with unique logo.

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