Month: March 2011

Things to be Known for Starting an Employment Agency

An employment agency is helpful to both employers and job seekers. The responsibilities of the agency include interviewing, screening and selecting right candidates for right job positions for the employers. Running an employment agency is a profitable business. Many companies hire employment agencies to help them hire new employees. Great sales can be obtained by […]

Scope of General Liability Insurance

In today’s society, even small mistakes result in large law suits. A business can overcome this type of risks by buying a suitable general liability insurance. The general liability insurance protects the business from the law suits made by the third party because of bodily injury or the damage caused to their property because of […]

Cars Manufactured in North America

There are about 8.5 millions cars and small trucks assembled in United States of America, of which only 5 million are assembled by the automobile companies belonging to the USA, these three companies are traditionally known as Big three and the remaining 3 millions of assemblies are done by the auto workers employed by the […]

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