Continuous Design Innovation is Key for Growth of Auto Sector in India

The important factor in auto sector is designing a crucial element of a vehicle or coming with different design innovations to maintain present position of the company in the market and to face competition from other companies. Automobile designs are important for the growth of the industry.

According to a noted automobile designer news paper, many companies produce 60 million cars every year in the world. There is one car for every 1.2 persons in the US, but it is 11 cars per1000 persons in India. Auto companies’ auto margin is reducing for every year, so need for design innovation is increasing. Demand for vehicles is increasing and at the same time competition among auto manufacturers is increasing. The competition of the auto makers is not in one country, it is among many countries.

So continuous design innovation is the key factor for many companies to maintain same position and to face competition.

Updated: November 4, 2013 — 4:17 am
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