Luxury Car Companies Fail to Keep Pace With the Indian Demand

Indian automobile industry is growing fast, offering opportunities for every automobile company. It has customers for every auto segment. Many foreign companies entered Indian market by watching the growth and introduced their models. The future of the auto makers in the Indian auto market who fail to produce products required by the Indian customers is unimaginable.

Demand for the cars increased in India, and some companies like BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz which introduced their luxury cars in to India are not meeting the demands of the Indian customers. This problem occurred, as these companies are taking more than six months for delivery. In other countries, these luxury cars were delivered with in four to six weeks, but in India they were unable to deliver the product up to six months and this is making the companies worried that the potential customers may switch to the competitors brand.

The above discussed companies are now trying to match the supply with the demand for their products and to solve this problem they are establishing their plants in India, so that the production and the delivery of the cars can be made fast. It is also interesting to see how these companies develop the strategies to meet the demands of the enhancing Indian auto market.

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