Know About Various Departments in a Hotel

Primary role of a hotel is to deliver quality services to the guests, this can be done easily in small hotels but in large hotels it is very difficult to perform all the functions by a single team, so for the convenience large hotels are broken down on to small departments. Each department is given a set of tasks to perform and to please the guests. Below is the list of the departments which make the functions of a hotel much easier:

Food and Beverage:
This department also includes cafes, restaurants, clubs, bar, poolside bar lounge, banquets and finally room service. It is the department in a hotel which has the largest number of employees, it supplies food and beverage to the guests in the hotel.

The house keeping department plays a vital role in attracting and keeping the guest as it maintains top quality decor and service in the hotel. This department cleans guest rooms and public areas. Responsible for staff uniforms and laundry services.

The Kitchen:
This department is considered as the back house of the hotel and they are responsible for cooking food for the guests.

Front Office:
It is associated with hotel rooms, housekeeping and concierge. Front office roles are guest relations, cashier and night auditor. They also handle guest check in and check out, guest account and guest inquires.

Stewarding Department:
This department controls cleanliness of the hotels by handle washing, polishing and cleaning of the cutleries and utensils.

This department manage guest inquiries, valet parking, and guest luggage. It also handles in coming and out going mails for guests.

Financial Department:
This department looks after the revenue received and expenses incurred by the hotel. It also procures the funds needed for running the hotel and have no direct contact with guest. They may have sub departments like purchase department, handling of food or items used by the various departments and stores department.

Human Resources:
This department plays an important role in recruiting new staff and providing training to the staff. This department also rewards staff and conduct performance appraisal.

Sales and Marketing:
Advertisement and promotions of the hotel are designed and executed by sales and marketing department. It also creates and designs brochures, menus, wine list and also responsible for increasing sales through attracting new and repeated customers.

Maintenance and Engineering:
It manages day to day maintenance issues in the hotel and it has no direct contact with guest.

Updated: April 6, 2012 — 11:20 pm
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