What are the Factors to be Considered While Designing an Office Layout

There are many factors, both internally and externally, to be considered which will have affect on the optimum utilization of space for the business. After confirming new office location company has to consider some important factors as follows:

a) Analyze the Office Space: After confirming the office layout we should analyze the office space. It is difficult to analyze whole office space, therefore we segment the office space with a proper planning to analyze. Ensure that we correctly analyze the space for employees, furniture and electronic accessories as well as any anticipated growth over the occupancy period. After understanding office space requirements for the entire occupancy period, we can create plans to accommodate our present and long term needs.

b) Installing Office Partitions: Install glass partition for open plan office, because glass partitions help to increase the natural light. By using glass partitions we can increase lighting with in the space as well as we can reduce the lighting cost. Glass partitions are cost affective to install and uninstall as per our requirement. Another advantage is, glass partitions also provide a higher level of professionalism to an open plan office and make the office look more accommodating to employees as well as visitors.

c) Value Added Areas: Maintain value added areas like staff break to our areas. It also plays a major role in the remodeling of an office.

d) Sufficient Lighting for All Areas: It is difficult factor to keep employee motivated and productive at all the times without having natural light. So we need sufficient lighting for all areas to keep employee motivated and productive.

e) Take Suggestions from Office Renovate and Redecorate Specialists: For large open plan offices, we should take help from office renovate specialists. If we have a large office that needs to accommodate a large number of employees, invest in specialists for office remodeling. These specialists such as inter interior designers, engineers and business consultants, etc have skills to gather the information by aid of computer graphics and can provide better plans.

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