Duties and Responsibilities of a Construction Manager

Construction manager plays a major role in completion of a construction project. Construction manager acts as the leader of the project to ensure that all kinds of works are carried out efficiently and with utmost skills.

Construction managers are responsible for supervising and managing effectively the entire construction project from the beginning to the ending of the project. The construction project includes scheduling, coordinating and hiring the right and skilled workers for the job. Construction manager is responsible for the completion of the project and he will only be the part of it. Depending on the places, construction managers are called by different names. Construction managers are also referred as Project managers, Construction Superintendents, Program managers, Constructors, Project engineers, Construction supervisors and general contractors. Construction Managers are responsible for making sure a project run smoothly, effectively, efficiently and completion of the project on time and budget.

Construction Manager Roles and Responsibilities

  • To manage all the work activities and workers at construction site
  • Acquisition of material and land, planning process, obtain permits, Hire workers, etc
  • Maintain tools, equipments, machines and vehicles at workplace
  • Affective utilization of resources for reducing the operational costs
  • Maintain good relationship with Workers, engineers, owners, contractors and suppliers
  • Complete the project with in the time and budget

Construction managers are supposed to prepare the budget for the entire project. Preparing budget will give a clear picture on necessary and unnecessary costs. Managers should observe the money flow in the project. Cost estimation is one of the most important factor managed by construction managers. Procurement of material, selecting suppliers and contractors, assessing labor needs, etc are the factors to estimate the cost of the project.

Construction sites often call for workers to complete their jobs as well as to complete the project. Here the construction manager’s managerial skills will play major role to manage all works and people. Construction Managers are responsible for managing and maintaining good relationship with workers, architects, owners who are integral elements of the construction process and engineers. General construction projects including planning, scheduling, and designing are overseen by the construction manager where as larger projects are divided into small projects to manage and complete easily.

Other responsibilities for construction managers is to inspect and review the construction project on a periodic basis to ensure that they are in accordance with the safety code and the building code regulations. Doing inspection may cause delay of the project, but in case of any issues coming up the project will be canceled. So managers should inspect as frequently and efficiently as possible.

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