Importance of Facilities Management While Constructing an Office

The main reason behind opting for facilities management is to reduce the costs and stress and increase the productivity. Therefore, many businesses opt for this service while constructing their offices.

Importance of FM while construction of an Office

a) Minimize the cost: A Facility Management professional has the knowledge of maximizing the value and minimizing the costs. Making effective budget and maintaining resources as effectively will reduce cost.

b) Construction planning: The construction planning is more difficult in the process of building. It is difficult to execute the construction planning as the physical activity changes over time as construction proceeds. Construction operations tend to be fairly standard from one project to another, whereas structural or foundation details might differ considerably from one facility to another.

c) Value Engineering: Value engineering includes identifying unnecessary costs in design and construction and soliciting proposing alternative design or construction technology to reduce the cost with qualitative or high level performance.

d) Computer-Aided Engineering: Facility managers design and construct the offices by using computer software like CAD, CAM etc. In the past twenty years, the computer has become an essential tool in engineering, design, and accounting. Using the computers, FM helps in making innovative designs.

e) Space optimization: Space optimization is the process of identifying properties which can be vacated to other properties that have suitable excess space.

f) Reduce Construction Debris: Construction debris can be a hazard and more of an inconvenience to occupants than the construction itself. Its handling and removal can also be subjected to strict regulations in healthcare settings, adding to the difficulty.

g) Develop Flexible Installations:: Sensors can be attached to a variety of surfaces, and battery-powered devices can be added even to locations where no power wiring is available. In office buildings a wireless system can be adapted to a huge range of locations. If the location will change then sensors can easily moved to new location.

h) Reduce Installation Costs: Reduce installation cost by using less number of labors to install a wireless sensing and control system. Project cost can be reduced, keeping a retrofitting with in the budget.

i) Security Facilities Management: Security Services is responsible for providing a safe environment for the organization. Facilities Management manage security items like CCTV, Reception, Manned guarding, Security control, Key holding, Incident reporting, Fire alarms, Panic alarms,and Patrolling to create safe environment.

All the above points clearly explain why facility management is important in construction of offices.

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