Know About Types Of Hotels

Hotels provide lodging for the guests on a short term basis and also many other facilities. The hotels can be classified in to many types based on different criteria. A wide variety of hotels are present in America, each differing from one another, in respect to the services they provide. The following are the various types of American hotels present:

Commercial Hotels:
They will serve mainly business clients and offer room service, coffee-shop, dining room, cocktail lounge, laundry, valet service as well as access to computers and fax services to these business people.

Economy Hotels:
They are well known for clean rooms at low prices and they provide services which meets basic needs of the travelers. Their services are limited.

Casino Hotels:
They offer restaurants and entertainment, they are luxurious and their main purpose is in support of the gambling operation.

Resort Hotels:
A resort hotel is generally located away from the city and they offer any form entertainment to keep the guests happy.

Conference Centers:
These provide services for the customers who arranges meetings at the hotels and they can provide any level of service and equipment necessary to handle conventions.

Residential Hotels:
These are very popular in America and they generally provide long term accommodations for the guests.

All Suite Hotels:
They provide spacious lay puts and designs and these type of hotels are preferred by the business people as they provide space to work and entertain, separately from the bedroom.

Airport Hotels:
They are located near the airports and they provide wide range of services. They may even provide bus or limousine service to the air lines.

These hotels cater to different groups of customers. Hence, they give flexibility to the customers to select any one based on their comfort and budget.

Updated: April 6, 2012 — 11:20 pm
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