How to Use Oracle CRM on Demand

Oracle CRM is very flexible to use and this flexibility makes it to deploy easily. You can use the trial version of the software to know the benefits before investing time, money and effort. By using the trial version with a few users you can know whether it is right for your organization or not.

Here are some instructions to use the Oracle CRM on Demand more effectively:

  • Know that there is no limit for the number of users who can use Oracle CRM on Demand.
  • Know about the requirements of your system to work with the Oracle CRM on Demand. You can visit, which has instructions that will help you know your requirements.
  • To use the Oracle on Demand effectively you can integrate this software with other applications. Oracle on Demand is easily integrated with many of the desktop applications which includes Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and IBM Lotus Notes.
  • It is also useful to learn how to use the Oracle CRM on Demand by accessing many administrative features along with the training options with out additional costs.
  • Firstly, after logging in to the system, one has to have access to the tutorials, as these will explain the administrative functions necessary.
  • If you are unable to use the Oracle CRM on Demand properly you can take the advantage of the requested instructor led, fee based training, which is delivered either online or on site.
  • It is better to implement the CRM on Demand with in few weeks. Deployment of this software depends on the structure of the business and the amount of data used.

By following the above instructions, one can make effective use of the Oracle CRM on Demand.

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