Know About Oracle Siebel CRM

Oracle CRM is a customer relationship management system developed by the Oracle Corporation. Siebel CRM is one branch of Oracle’s customer relations management program suite. This suite offers applications for tracking, selling, billing and other tasks and it is also available in many versions.

Oracle acquired Siebel in 2006 and integrated CRM products into its own software. After acquisition Oracle’s Siebel line of products was introduced and this CRM program offers a complete CRM solution for business.

Siebel CRM consists of several applications which includes email marketing, sales, contact center, and quote and order capture. Analytics software for effectively tailoring use of the applications is also included in this Siebel customer relationship management software.

Oracle’s CRM is available in two versions one is an installable application version and the other is an on demand version. Though the businesses may purchase licenses for use of the applications, the on demand version uses a subscription system to provide service. The software is also modified and customized by the company according to the needs of specific customers and according to the needs of specific industries.

Among the available CRM software in the market Oracle Siebel CRM is the most popular one. CRM is a business wide strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability without compromising the customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is also used to automate processes by being a less burden on employees. It makes the data available at one point which saves time and operating costs for the organization. Oracle’s Siebel CRM helps organizations to differentiate their businesses to achieve maximum top and bottom line growth. It delivers a combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features to manage all customer facing operations. Siebel CRM delivers comprehensive on premise and on demand CRM solutions, tailored industry solutions and role based customer intelligence.

All the above details explain Oracle Siebel CRM in brief.

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