Automation Technology Can Impact the Culture of a Company

The company culture can be affected by the addition of automation technology. Implementation of automation based on the company’s needs may change the company culture and objectives of the company. Automation system can increase the productivity, reduce the costs of operation while increasing the organization profits.

There are many cultures in the organization, which needs the implementation of automation system. The most accepting culture is the one that has different departments. In this culture, there is more cross functional cooperation between departments, there is less protection on information and ideas sharing from one department to another department.

The move for a company from non-automated manufacturing to automated manufacturing is usually taken as a small step towards control devices. It has limited flexibility when it comes to cooperating with other automation equipment to create fully automated production.

Employees in the organization who are greater appreciators of the usefulness and capabilities of information technology, are usually much more responsive to the changes that are made by automation. These employees will be aware of the benefits that this technology can do for the profits of the organization. Hence, it can be concluded that implementation of automation in any organization is based on the work culture of the organization.

Updated: October 30, 2015 — 1:18 am
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