Know How RFID System is Highly Beneficial to a Business

Use of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is more beneficial to every organization. It can increase the business productivity and reduce the associated costs. Apart from these, the companies are also getting some added benefits from the RFID systems.

Few major benefits from the RFID system use are:

  • Improves productivity and gives cost advantage: Identifying items by RFID involves lesser risk than the bar-code scanning and other automated ways. This leads to process effectiveness in many tasks.
  • Decreases cycle time and takes cost out: RFID scanning is not a serial process like traditional bar-code scanning, so business can perform tasks more quickly. This means are products will move fast in the supply chain process, reducing the investments for maintaining them.
  • Reduces rework & improves security: RFID scanning has greater accuracy, it controls the rescan which enables increased security. The individual identification contributes to more effective access control and reducing in shrinking.
  • Reducing the business risk and control of asset: RFID contributes to better audit and asset control. The ability to track the item means asset can be located more easily. The opportunity for data collection leads to increased accuracy of records keeping and increasing asset management.
  • Improved utilization of resources & increased revenues: The information obtained by RFID scanning can be used to improve planning and process can be improved. By eliminating the uncertainty, companies will suffer less out of stock situation and obtain a greater item availability, reducing the last sales and improving the present sales.

Therefore, it can be concluded that RFID is very much beneficial for a manufacturing business.

Updated: October 30, 2015 — 1:18 am
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