How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website

Posted on January 21, 2012 by

Many people focus mainly on the design of the website and neglect domain name. However, domain name is significant for the survival of a website site monitoringbecause it is the first thing people observe when they come to get into that website. Whether you build a blog or a website, you need to remember certain things when picking for a right domain.

Before picking up a right domain name, you need to know what a domain name is. It is the unique URL of your website. Through this address, Internet users reach your website.

Here are the tips for choosing a domain name:

  • Choose a domain name but add “.com” extension to it. Many people type domain name along with .com extension by default.
  • Choose a domain which spells easier and shorter. Choose short and simple names to remember and spell easily.
  • Always register your organization name as your URL address. People when searching for your site, come with company name in mind. You may also register your product/ services names as your URL addresses.
  • Use easy to remember phrases for your URL addresses.
  • If you are a professional in write-ups or in consultancies, register your name as URL address to gain the attention of visitors.monitoring service
  • If you are doing business internationally, think of country extensions.
  • Avoid using long hyphenated words for URLs. This may confuse visitors searching or trying to get to know your address.
  • Never use number substitutes in place of common words for URLs.
  • Don’t get confused in using ‘o’ and ‘0’ in domain names.
  • The domain names should be unique and memorable.

These tips will help you choose a suitable domain name for your website.

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