Small Businesses in U.S Have no Hiring Plans

According to National Federation of the Independent Business, inspite of recession being over the small businesses have no plans to hire and further more, 13% are planning to cut jobs during the next three months. The organization also said that the situation had showed positive change in the months of September to October. The survey was conducted in the month of October and was conducted on 1,910 small business owners in United States.
During the month of October, 10 percent of the small businesses have increased their employment on an average by 4.5 employees, but 15 percent reduced the same by an average of 2.9 workers.

The average change in employment per firm showed a substatial improvement from negative 0.26 workers per firm in September to 0 in October. 13 percent plan to reduce employment in the next three months and 8 percent plan to create new jobs.

The organization also said that, since 1973, the NFIB labor market indicators are found to be under performing. It was found that the sales in real estate sector improved and the expectations for over all business conditions also improved except for the job hiring levels, which are not preferred by most of the small businesses.

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