Social Network Usage Increasing More in Internet Promotions

Internet promotions are increasing fast. These promote the business in a professional way. Social network usage in online promotion is increasing more. Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research has pointed out that the usage of social network for promoting business or products.

In online promotions, Facebook usage tops, most of the businesses use Facebook for promoting business. Twitter stands second, blogging, you tube, etc. following the row.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing did the research on social media usage in online promotions, they considered 500 companies which are promoting their business online. 74% of the companies use Facebook as business promotional tools, 64% of the companies use Twitter, 45% use you tube and 37% use blogging. The report explains the success rate of the social network promotions. Thus it was 86% for Twitter, and 82% for Facebook.

The research concludes that using social networks for promoting business is profitable.

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