Characteristics of a Good Small Business Website

Having a Website has become essential to every business today because of the growing popularity of the Web technologies. Under these circumstanceswebsite monitoring to survive competition, a small business should have a good website. A good website is one that helps you realize the object of doing business without compromising acceptable standards. A good website helps your small business attract the targeted traffic, and ultimately helps you stay in business.

Following are some of the major things to be taken care of while creating a website for your small business.

Structure of a website

  • Structure of the website needs to be well organized and designed. A website with good structure increases the usability of the website to the users.
  • Pleasant theme, good colors and relevant images must be used and should be appealing to the users.
  • All the content must be placed according to the categories and name them with short and apt names.
  • Internal linking must be easy and sequence of hierarchy must be followed in placing the content of the webpages.

Content of a website

  • Content in the website is the king. In other words, content is more important than any other aspect while considering usability of the site. It shouldn’t be too short or too big and convey the useful information to the user.
  • Content posted on the website should be informative free from errors. The content should convey all the useful information about products, services, the company and the brand.
  • Content should be fresh (updated regularly) with genuine information the current changes and the information should be genuine.
  • In short, content of an ideal website needs to be informative, authoritative and persuasive.

Relevant images

  • Images of the products or any relevant images will help the visitor understand the product well, that gives the customer a visual knowledge of the products/services.
  • In situations, where a visitor doesn’t want to spend much time reading the description of the products, images are helpful.
  • Posting irrelevant images for attracting the visitors is a bad idea. Visitors come to your website to get useful information on the products/services, the company, etc. Visitors’ attention gets distracted by irrelevant images. Besides, search engine might consider such content not useful to your audiences and may penalize your website.

Easy navigation

  • Easy navigation would make browsing easy to the users of any category
  • Navigating your website should simple and easy to execute for your audiences.
  • Navigation should be clear and it should guide the visitor through the internal webpages properly to access the information that he/she is willing to browse

Theme of a website

  • Theme of a website must be simple yet, monitoring
  • Theme of a website should be pleasant, clear and should not be so bright to obstruct user reading.
  • Theme should be consistent throughout the internal webpages.

A good website should enable the small business owner to promote the business online effectively, to reach the target audience and convert them into loyal customers. From users’ perspective, it should enhance user experience and thus should keep them engaged.

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