Month: September 2013

SEO Basics for Small Business Owners – Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is an important technique which is applied after the on-page optimization. It has nothing to do with the content on your site unlike on-page optimization. And it is a very difficult task to execute, where you need to build relationship with other sites to publish your content or give a link to your site. This process is called link building. These are very important to improve your site’s ranking, to drive traffic to your website and also to improve indexing of your site.

Mistakes – Small Business Owners Make with their Website

It is important for small business to have websites to promote themselves online. But, small businesses are likely to make mistakes when it comes to their websites. These include not including company’s telephone number, social media buttons, and the like. Though these mistakes look small, but the impact is vast. This is because you might lose traffic, sales and customers. Here are some common mistakes small business owners make with their website.

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