Small Business Marketing – Ideas and Issues

As the owner of a small business, your role is critical for promoting the business. For this, you need to plan a strategy and execute the same within a time horizon. In this article, we will discuss small business marketing: ideas and issues.

Ideas for marketing small business
Following are some ideas for marketing small businesses in general. They are inexpensive, and are therefore suitable for these businesses.

  • Sponsoring a local event: Local events tend to focus on people from areas close to the venue of the event. Small businesses are likely to benefit through this as they are likely to get exposed to their potential audiences.
  • Using social media: Using social media is the best way of marketing. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, videos on YouTube, writing creative blogs about your business etc. This is an influential tool in attracting crowds of people.
  • Hosting seminars and events: This may be a great way of connecting with the people, knowing them and building relationship.
  • Becoming a public speaker: Utilize your skills to become a great speaker. This can help you to demonstrate your business and helps in research.

Problems of marketing products for small sale
For small scale business, marketing the products have some problems:

  • Regulatory issues: You should be aware of the government regulations that have great impact on the marketing of the product than any other marketing. It is concerned with consumers safety. Products physical features, labeling, pricing and packaging can be affected by government mandates. Your company is required to take permission and some inspections are done if you are marketing for food. You should know about the governments opinion towards your product and can create marketing plan accordingly.
  • Distribution issues: Mostly products are sold through channel partners till they reach the customers. There may be comments on your products packaging, pricing, advertising etc. Some small scale marketers discourages in meeting. By developing relations with channel partners, you can bring them in to your company’s planning before investing money in adds, packaging etc.
  • Channel marketing: Marketing is done through various channels. Your channel partners needs to be profited. So whatever your company’s pricing policy is, it should be profitable for channel partners and the business. Advertising and promotion techniques are also affected by channel marketing as they serve dual purpose. Consumers should be motivated to buy what your company is selling.

Marketing should be profitable for the entire business.

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