Advantages of Using Application Server in Small Businesses

An application server is the centralized system, which can store a huge amount of data and can receive request from the users and processes it by accessing the business related data and sends back the response to the user. The application server acts like a mediator between the front end (user) and the back end (database, business logic, etc.). Unlike web servers, application servers support all types of protocols including HTTP.

In this article, we will discuss some advantages of using application server by small businesses


  • Application software is installed in the businesses’ computer system and helps other computer systems connect to it by providing them with requested services.
  • Application servers follow typical client-server model, hence transactions between the server and client is fast and accurate.
  • Application servers perform the operations of only that business, in which it is installed. Hence, for a small company, number of systems/users is less and workload on the server is less. Hence, performance is high.
  • So, for a small business, by installing application server, operations of the businesses are performed well, and it ensures the growth of the business is ensured.


  • When any changes in the business network is required such as installing software applications, installing antivirus, installing new operating system, upgrading already existing software, etc. Instead of installing or changing in every computer separately. Changes in the application server will upgrade all other systems automatically.


  • Providing security to the small business is easy with the help of application server.
  • As the application server is centralized system, applying security measures to the application server automatically updates all the businesses’ computer systems connected to it. This reduces the task of securing the systems individually.
  • Securing business logic and confidential information is crucial to businesses, especially for small businesses. This is made easy with application servers as it avoids unauthorized access to business related data.

Data and code integrity

  • When it is necessary for any application to integrate with the data available in database. Instead of every user doing it individually, application server will perform this operation and updates all the systems of the business connected to it.
  • It is the responsibility of the application server to perform the operations by using validate data and process the requests of the monitoring


  • From these points, it is clear that the businesses would save a lot by installing the application server. It is necessary for a small businesses to cut costs wherever possible. Cutting costs and saving money by small businesses automatically leads to generating profits.

So, installing application software provides a lot of benefits to small businesses and reduces burden of managing systems individually.

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