Recruitment Tools for Small Business

Recruiting people for small businesses is the key responsibility of human resource professionals. They help in contributing to the organization by choosing the right person for the right job. To find right employees and to recruit them in an effective way is important for any business. Luckily, there are many tools for recruitment for human resource professionals to make recruitment process more effective.

Recruitment tools for small business
Following are some tools that not only makes recruitment process easy but also cheaper:

  • Sourcing: Sourcing is identifying and employing suitable candidates through proactive techniques of recruitment.
    • LinkedIn is an important sourcing tool for recruiting employees. With the help of LinkedIn, the company can search candidates, can post jobs, if any. This is a way of promoting the company.
    • Facebook and Twitter: These are other popular sites through which the company can reach a large number of people. The company can set up Facebook page to advertise the various jobs vacancies currently. Searching candidates through graph search can be a better way for targeting people.
  • Selection: Once you shortlist candidates, you need to select the best one.
    • Video interviews: Video interview is one of the online tools that make interviews more efficient, eg. Skype. You can come to know about the candidate within few minutes whether he will be suitable for the job or not.
    • Psychometric test: Know about the behavioral, decision making or leadership traits before selecting any candidate. Note that this test should not be considered as a decision making tool. See to it that the data obtained from this test is accurate and practical.
    • Skill testing: Skill test is mainly conducted to judge the candidates’ skills and abilities. Testing skills during selection process will help in identifying candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Retention: Finally, you have hired a candidate. Now the important aspect is to retain them, engage them and make them productive.
    • Employee attachment: During the initial period the employee is assessed by human resource department to know whether they have taken the right decision for hiring you for the organization.
    • Performance tracking: Tracking performance is one of the critical processes during retention period. This helps in judging the performance level of the candidate. It also gives a good impression about the company to the candidate.
    • Recognition: A hard area for getting right, individual as well as recognition of team may have a huge impact on morale and productivity.

These recruitment tools are cost effective and fast. They help small businesses get as optimal as possible people for the organization.

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