Health Care Website Improved

site monitoringThe White House announced that it has completed the repairs to the website to operate smoothly for users. The president’s appointee to fix the health care website’s problems said that the website is now stable and operating at it’s planned capacity at an improved performance.

On first Oct 2013, the healthcare website was launched. The website allows people to compare private costs and benefits before buying an insurance policy, millions of people were disappointed by frozen or slow pages, missing or incorrect information and inability to log in.

The White House appointed a team to fix the site. At the beginning of November the site had an up time of just 43% and as of November 30 it was 95%. He said to reporters in a Sunday conference call, that they have a much more stable system that is reliably open for business.

According to a report issued by Department of Health and Human Services on Sunday, after bug fixes and hardware updates, the federal health exchange website now has the capacity to serve 800,000 people per day with 50,000 people at a time. The capacity was calculated using eight hour day rather than 24 hour day.

The team repaired the following:website monitoring

  • Hundreds of software fixes, upgraded hardware, and monitored system to make improvements.
  • Stabilized the website at original intended capacity, and
  • Improved overall metrics
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