Is Bing a Better Alternative to Google Adwords for Small Businesses?

Pricing Engine, a marketing platform for small businesses finds that Bing ads are more efficient to buy than Google Adwords. Google has higher CTRs and more search value, and Bing has a lower cost source of leads, and is therefore more suitable for small and medium businesses.

The data collected by Pricing Engine from hundreds of SMB accounts (of them 81% are Google and 19% are Bing) found Google CTRs (Click-through rate) to be slightly higher, but the CPCs (cost per click) to be much higher.

The Pricing Engine study shows that small businesses’ spending on Bing is more efficient. While popular brands may favor higher query volume on Google, small and medium businesses do not do so. SMBs might have to address issues that arise because of high turnover, if any.

Source – Search Engine Land

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