Intel’s Move into Wearable Market

At an Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel made public their big move into wearable market for smartwatches, earbuds that monitor heart rate, and smart headsets.

It is a major attempt by Intel because smartphone market is dominated by Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics.

Intel has built this tiny computer using Quark technology makes it easy for clothing and gadget makers to integrate this platform into wearable products.

Luxury department store Barneys New York is collaborating with the Intel for developing smart bracelets with the scope of matching with fashion trends.

Intel exhibited stereo earbuds. The earbud monitors wearer’s heart beat. It changes the music based on wearer’s heart beat to make the heart speed up or slow down.

The bluetooth earpiece, microphone makes better the responsiveness of personal assistant smartphone software. An existing example of such software is Siri of Apple.

Intel also showed a smart watch for kids with “geo-fencing” capabilities. The smart watch lets patients know whether their kids go away form the normal route to school as well as back home, or don’t reach home on time.

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