Why You Need Labor Compliance Services for Your Business

Who frame labor laws
The onus of framing the Labor Laws lies mainly with the Federal government at the Federal level and with the State Departments of Labor at the state level. US Department of Labor makes most of the Federal Labor Laws. Federal Labor Laws have their jurisdiction over all the private, Federal, State, and local government bodies while the State labor laws apply only to the business enterprises in the state. The nature of jurisdiction of the laws varies as per the nature of business and employment. Most laws mandate the employer to communicate the laws to their employees with the help of posters, that have to be displayed at places which are frequently visited by the employees. This is part of the Labor Law compliance and ignoring it can draw heavy penalties.

Complex nature of labor law compliance
Labor laws are enacted by both the Federal and State Department of Labor. These laws undergoes many changes round the clock and over the year. While some of these changes are mandatory, some of them are not mandatory. Mandatory changes needs replacing of posters with fresh posters. These may come in the form of amendments of law or new laws. Non-mandatory changes do not require the posters to be changed.

These often come in the form of incorporating new member names and QR codes. These do not require posters to be changed but changing them will be better. Most of the changes are non-mandatory. With so many changes occurring over the year, it becomes difficult for the employees to figure which are mandatory and which are not.

Applicability of the changes and the law is also a major issue. There are a lot of laws and they are very variable in nature as per their subjectivity and application. Some businesses may not fall under the purview of a law at all and sometimes only some sections of the law may be applicable for it. Sometimes, laws on separate issues from Federal and State government cover a single employer. Sometimes common laws from both Federal and State government applies to the employer. In such cases, the law giving best provision for employer is adopted sometimes even though it requires both the posters to be displayed as in case with the minimum wage. Sometimes, an employer is not covered under one law as it is already covered under some other law. Mine workers are a perfect example. They do not come under the purview of OSHA as they are already covered under MSHA.

Some of these Labor law posters come in strict dimensions and fonts. Thus, labor laws are complex in nature needs a good understanding and a good amount of time of the employer.

Need for compliance services
The labor laws and compliance with them is very complex in nature. The jurisdiction and purview of the law is very varied in nature. Hence the employer needs a good understanding of the laws in order to comply with the laws. This in turn requires a lot of time and resources. Getting all the posters at a single place as per dimensions is another tricky thing. It’s here that the services of compliance services come into picture.

They track all the changes over the year and notify you of any such changes and provide you with the new posters. They can even interpret the laws correctly for you and decide which laws apply to you which do not. This saves a lot of your time and resources which you can divert in the core business activities. You also need not worry about any legal litigation arising out of non-compliance of Labor laws.

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