Employment Labor Laws that Business Owners Must Know

Are you a business owner or planning to start a business? Then, you must be aware of various laws that are related to your business and your employees. Because, there will be some legal issues a times with your employees. So knowing the laws in advance will help your business in many ways.

Employment laws include certain rules and regulations that you need to follow when you are commencing a business. Important point that a business owner should know is, the labor laws may vary from country to country and state to state, and there will be specific for different kinds of businesses. So, be aware of this factors and check which laws are applicable to your business.

To help you out we have come up with some common laws that are related to employees of a business. But, the laws may differ for every business so, just take this as a reference and if you want to know exact rights and obligations consult a legal expert who can deal with labor laws. Some of the labor laws related to employees are:

Laws relevant to minimum wages
Minimum wages of an employee vary from country to country and state to state. This act tells that you shouldn’t recruit an employee below that minimum wages and that can be hourly, weekly or monthly because they are set by government of your country and you shouldn’t violate them. For example, if state sets a higher minimum wage than the federal, then there is a chance that higher wage will take effect. So, check with your state or federal labor laws regarding minimum wages and regulate them in your business.

Workers compensation
Workers compensation depends on various factors, it may include the injury or illness compensation of the workers. As said above it also varies for every state and country. Here, the business have to pay for all the medical bills, disability bills and other benefits. Check with your country or state for other types of workers compensations.

Overtime payment or compensation
If the workers work over the time that is set, then business should pay them extra rates to the employees. But, some federal laws say that if the workers work more than the permitted hours of working in a week they need to be paid 1.5 times extra as a compensation. So, see what your state or country says about this.

Workers health and safety
It should be the major concern of the businesses. This not only benefits to the employers but also helps in getting effective work from the employees. You should take all the necessary precautions for the safety of the employees especially women employees and for this again there are certain laws related to women. You should also follow some safety standards and precautions. So, check all the laws and try to implement them in your business environment.

So, see to it that you meet all the above minimum labor laws (State or federal) related to employees if you are a business owner. This will keep your business on a safer side.

Updated: October 21, 2014 — 4:16 am
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