What Makes HR Compliance by Businesses Difficult?

Primary functions of HR
The HR personnel in an organization are responsible for multiple hings. They are responsible for managing the overall workforce of an organization. HR is responsible for recruiting skilled people at work, training them, reviewing their performance and its appraisal, determining the compensation and benefits, building policies and procedures for the work place besides lot of other jobs. For all the things that HR personnel do, they have to rules and laws. Compliance with rules and laws along with ensuring that efficiency at work is maintained at work is a difficult process.

Complexity of Federal and State employment laws
HR is responsible for framing work related policies and procedures at the workplace. Apart from these, they are also responsible for recruiting and terminating employment of people in the organization. Lots of other work of such kind have to be done by HR that deals with legal specifications.

Federal and State employment laws give numerous guidelines to organizations affecting the nature of policies and benefits for employees. So, while carrying out its responsibilities, the HR has to keep in mind all the employment laws and make sure that his actions and policies that are in interest of the organization are not violating any of the employment laws.

The employment laws keep changing as and when government think they should. Change in laws put up the obligations on the HR to communicate the new laws and the changes to the employees by displaying posters. Laws provide various benefits to the employees. A HR has to frame policies for efficient work output and procedures compliant to the laws. Care has to taken while carrying out duties like recruiting, terminating, deciding compensation, etc for law compliance.

Heavy consequences for small mistakes
Many responsibilities and diversity in the nature of work can make you ignore some of the laws knowingly or unknowingly. Such practices can be dangerous for the organization as the government agencies are least tolerant towards violation of the laws. The acts of non-compliance are dealt strictly as per the degree of violation. Falling into such lawsuits will shatter all the goodwill the company has earned through hard work over the years. This can also make the HR executive fired. So, the nature of work of the HR and its complexity can be judged by these facts. In addition to all the legal issues that affect the responsibilities of an HR, other thing that matters the most is, HR policies and procedures affect the work directly. Even a minute misappropriation of facts affects the quality of work and the productivity.

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