Large Format Digital Printing – Its Advantages and Applications

Large format digital printing
Large format digital printing is mostly chosen by the businesses that require large posters. However, it is suitable for small size to large posters. Large format digital printing is becoming one of the fast growing printing methods used by businesses of diverse sizes. It is also known as wide-format printing and is used not only for making posters but also for banners, wallpapers, floor graphics, vehicle graphics, etc.

Large format banner printing uses a technique that uses a file from a computer without any intermediate medium plate or film and produces the print; it takes in the substrate and starts spraying ink on the printing surface. The ink on the surface or medium forms a layer through an infusion caused by the toner’s reaction to heat which helps in drying. This process of printing is fast and it has the ability to print on a variety of surfaces. Large format digital printing has many advantages and is used in a wide range of applications.

The advantages are as follows:

  • The printing process can be completed quickly.
  • The production cost of in large format printing is very low for fewer number of prinits say, a few hundreds, because it has low set-up cost and it doesn’t have minimum volume restrictions. So, you can save both your time and money.
  • Large format printing is suitable for printing materials for both indoor and outdoor. In other words, it can be done on any type or substrates or materials. You can use waterproof and fade resistant inks to make them long-lasting.
  • You can make last minute changes to this type of printing as the file is an electronic file, which doesn’t require much effort. This shows the ease of large format digital printing.
  • This type of printing will help in bringing great exposure for your business – you can clearly figure out the poster or banner wherever it is.

Applications of large format digital printing
Large format printing finds wide applications for printing promotional items. These include posters, banners, window graphics, backlit boxes, poster signs, canvas prints, yard signs, and so on. This printing is ideal for businesses that require huge promotion among the customers.

To make your advertisements clear and precise with high-quality printing, large format digital printing needs latest equipment and along with that a team of good designers. If the promotional item is designed according to the needs of your business, you can use it for multiple times if required. These large format digital advertisements doesn’t go in vain provided they are simple, eye-catching and timeless.

Updated: December 26, 2015 — 12:12 am
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