Special Events – Security Plan and Strategy

Are you planning for any special event and need security for the event? Then, you should have an approach and strategy that will help you in taking effective security measures against realistic assessments. Approach and strategy varies for various types of events.

Especially the events where VIP’s attend needs more security measures and a strategic plan than normal events. So, in this article we have given some basic information and plan along with selecting a security vendor. With this information you can get a good plan for your special event. So, read this article and make your own plan based on the points discussed below.

Threat assessment
Threat assessment involves the identification of potential risk to your event. This can be accessed easily with a proper plan. At first start by analyzing the enemies and list out who are attending to the event and based on them you can easily find out who can attack on you. The attackers may view the event from various perspectives depending on their objectives. So, assessing each and every thing may not be possible by the normal ones. So, if you can’t access take the help of security officers who is able to look at various angles of your event and
provide a good plan for your event. Ones the threat assessment is done, start with the basic plan.

Basic security plan
Basic plan includes all the aspects of the event starting from the entry to planning emergency actions.

  • Entry criteria and access control: Start with entry criteria, when allowing the entry to the event guests, you should put restrictions, for example, allow only the people who have the invitation. Don’t allow openness to all the public of the event, this may increase the threat. If you have a security police for your event they would take care of this issue.
  • Protection of critical areas: Security will not be enough only in the entry premises, it should be extended to most critical areas of your event. This may include, parking areas, VIP areas, media areas, exhibit areas, etc. These places require close attention.
  • Evaluation: Evaluation and the protection of critical areas are better done with a specific security planner. Because, this evaluation involves accessing bomb threats, chemical or biological attack, specific attack on the guest, etc.
  • Emergency action plan: If any trouble occurs you should be ready to take the emergency action plan and for this take help of security police. So, both of you can work together to handle the emergency.

Selecting the security vendor
The security vendor that you select for the event should be experienced, should have good reputation and have diversity of capabilities in handling the events. Along with this they must be capable of explaining each and everything to you regarding the event and also should be capable of giving you training for the particular event that you have selected the security vendor.

Updated: March 17, 2015 — 1:42 am
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