Mobile Internet Usage Growth in USA

Ever since the hand held devices with internet was introduced in the world of technology, the mobile internet usage has also skyrocketed. When wireless router technology was introduced, it took the world in a storm. But today when mobile internet usage growth in USA is all time high and expected to rise even higher, then looking back, even that technology looks primitive. It is true. With every passing day, the number of connections of mobile wireless subscribers is adding up. There are many factors responsible for this growth. Here we will discuss the data as well as these factors that have contributed to the internet usage in hand held device.

If statistics are to be believed, then as per a study, 80% of the total internet users of America access the network in their mobile phones. This study was performed in 2015 and it was predicted that by 2018, more than 50 million people which make about 15 to 20% of the internet users will access network through mobile phones only. This is a steep growth by more than 12%. It is needless to mention that with every passing day, the number will only increase. Current trend shows a dip in using internet through PC and laptop by the means of Ethernet wire or wireless router. As of now, the ratio between the number of internet users of both the means are at par with the speculation but in coming years, people accessing internet only through mobile phones will increase to a substantial degree. In matter of two years, substantial portion of the people may not use multiple devices to access internet and may stick solely to mobile phones.

According to the prediction made last year by a leading industry magazine, about 40 million of the total internet users in America will access internet through mobile phones only and it turned out to hit bang on. This year the same source has predicted that these figures will increase to a whooping 52 million by 2020 as more young as well as old people will choose the mobility of mobile phones to access internet rather than tugging on to PC and/or laptop. However, in coming years the growth rate will decrease. This does not imply a decline in mobile internet usage growth. It testifies the fact that with more people already using smartphones, in next few years, number of people switching to smartphones will be less. This trend will continue till it reaches a saturation point. So, if in 2017, the growth rate is 6.1%, by 2021 it will become 1.4%.

The mobile internet usage growth can be accredited to many factors. But the two most important of them are introduction of newest technologies in mobile devices and their being indispensible in our lives. And there will be no shrinkage in this growth at least in near future. The optimistic projections state that in 2017, there are 225 million users who use mobile internet and by 2020, the count will reach 270.5 million people. There will be increase in the number of people using exclusively mobile internet too. So, the trend of drifting away from PC and laptop and switching to mobile phones to access internet will be there for some time, for sure.

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